In the current project we will focus on developing more efficient and environmentally friendly processes for manufacturing of chitosan, and to produce chitosans that are targeting the wound healing market.


1.       Processing. Increase the quality, reproducibility and yield of chitosan from the biomass by development of non-destructive enzymatic based pretreatment of the respective biomasses. This includes reduction in the use of energy, water, harsh and toxic chemicals in the biomass processing steps.
2.       The properties of the chitosan batches will be closely characterized and related to processing conditions to optimize and adjust these further. Chitosan with different molecular weight and degree of acetylation will be generated. Furthermore, chitosan will be modified, chemically and enzymatically, to create selected added value products to be tested in wound healing models.
3.       Biological characterization of high value products. The pure and modified chitosans will be analysed for a range of different properties in in vitro assays: antibacterial and antifungal screening, toxicity in cell models, cell growth promoting properties (fibroblast proliferation and adhesion).