The Work-Packages (WPs) or the project are composed of Tasks

WP-1 Processing of crustacean biomass

  • T.1.1 Enzymatic treatment of crustacean biomass for extraction of chitin
  • T. 1.2 Production of chitosan for targeted modifications
  • T. 1.3 Recovery, analysis and utilization of the peptide fraction from crustacean biomass

WP-2 Preparation and chemical/physical characterization of chitosan based biomaterials

  • T. 2.1 Preparation of chitosan batches with different molecular weight
  • T. 2.2 Peptide grafting of chitosans
  • T. 2.3 Enzymatic degradation of chitosans
  • T. 2.4 Characterization of modified chitosans
  • T. 2.5 Preparation of chitosan/alginate gels

WP-3 Biological characterization of chitosan based biomaterials

  • T. 3.1 Characterization of physico-chemical properties
  • T. 3.2 Antimicrobial properties
  • T. 3.3 Wound healing properties
  • T. 3.4 In vivo testing of biomaterials

WP-4 Management, dissemination and training

  • T. 4.1 Project management, coordination and training