During the period of implementation of ChitoWound project, there will be organized several types of activities, like

All correlated with the WPs and Tasks of the project.

1. Processing of crustacean biomass
T.1.1. Enzymatic treatment of crustacean biomass for extraction of chitin
T.1.2. Production of chitosan for targeted modifications
T.1.3. Recovery, analysis and utilization of the peptide fraction from crustacean biomass
2. Preparation and chemical/physical characterization of chitosan based biomaterials
T.2.1. Preparation of chitosan batches with different molecular weight
T.2.2. Peptide grafting of chitosans
T.2.3. Enzymatic degradation of chitosans
T.2.4. Characterization of modified chitosans
T.2.5. Preparation of chitosan/alginate gels
3. Biological characterization of chitosan based biomaterials
T.3.1. Characterization of physico-chemical properties
T.3.2. Antimicrobial properties
T.3.3. Wound healing properties
T.3.3.4. Bioinfoatics/chemoinformatics studies
T.3.4. In vivo testing of biomaterials
4. Management, dissemination and training
T.4.1. Project management, coordination and training