Heraklion (2017)

ChitoWound meeting in Heraklion, September 27-28, 2017

 General: The meeting will be focused on results, plans, materials and dissemination.

In addition to presentations of status on results and plans (morning session) we ask that each partner present 1-2 ideas for publications, including answering these questions: 1) Where are we now? 2) What else do we need, and when can this be done? 3) How can other partners contribute? “Bonus”: Other forms of dissemination, e.g. conferences. We take a separate session for dissemination.

 Wednesday 27th September

09:00 Welcome by Vassilis Bouriotis

09.10 Introduction and project overview (SINTEF/NTNU)

Results and plans session

09:30 West University of Timisoara

10:00 Tallinn University

10:30 University of Crete

11:00 Coffee break

11.15 Algipharma

11:45 SINTEF

12:15 NTNU

 Plans, material and dissemination session

14:15 Common plans and material requirements

15:00 Publication workshop

16:00 Coffee Break

16:15 Publication Workshop

17:15 Visit to IMBB labs

17:45 End of meeting (transportation back to Lato hotel)